xtra Battery


Everything You Need. Battery Saver & Fast Charger


Why Is It Special

Easy to use

Fast charging starts when you plug inn charging device. Saving mode, tap save and battery saving mode starts

Powerful Design

Each Functionality available at a single tap. User gets all device information straight away


Customizable option mode with a single tap



Saving mode, Sleep mode saving and customized saving. Save battery when you need it with a single tap.

Fast charger:

Fast charge your android battery, just plugg in charging device and fast charging automatically starts.

Junk Cleaner:

Cleans junk files that take up space on your phone. Junk cleaner does not delete your stored files, images, videos, music etc. Only junk files get deleted.

Phone cooler:

Phone temperature high? Cool it down with a single tap.

Extra Battery - Battery saver & Fast charger

for Android :

This powerful battery saver & fast charger extends your phones life so there's no more unnecessary interruptions. Plug in charging device and fast charging automatically starts.

Never worry if your phone is going to last until the end of day or not. This app has many tricks to conserve energy and lets you squeeze in those last minute messages. It has even the bonus of keeping your phone cool and cleaning out junk files that take up space.

Now your phone can keep up with your busy life. It's a easy as downloading this app.

for IOS :

Extra Battery is an App that notifies you with an Alarm, whenever your phone is charged to a desired Battery Percentage. An App that provides complete information about phone memory usage and Battery health.









App Screenshots

“ This is a very useful app. It definitely helps to save the battery and charge it quickly. It is awesome that there are no ads. My only objection is that when I use the phone plugged in as I must for the hog of a game that I play, the screen that shows charging persistently pops up in front of my game. There has to be a way to stop it. Hitting the X or using the "clear" option does not do the job. It keeps coming back like a venerial disease. ”

Lynn Holtz

“This app really works! My phone's battery was on 40%, and 2 minutes later it was at 48%. I really recommend you getting this app because it really works! I have also gotten 2 times the battery life. SO GET THIS APP! IT WORKS!”

Christian Martinie

“This beneficial application is enough to saves battery life, fast charging and used an as extra battery. I also recommend this magnificant application to others because everyone need to saves their battery life and this Extra Battery, Battery Saver & Fast Charger app offers you all that things in just one app. Thank You!”

Brand Executive

“Awesome app :) ”

Sachin Soni

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